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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sage of Quay™ Radio - Martin Kenny - Taking Flat Earth to the Next Level

This is an interview I did with Martin Kenny that was originally planned to be the lead-in to The Geocentric Cosmic Clock and Calendar presentation (

We decided to take a different route and this discussion is not included in the Cosmic Clock video but the conversation with Martin was excellent and I thought it was well worth releasing on its own merits.

Please refer to the link below to Martin’s Cosmic Clock presentation after taking a listen to this show.

* Martin Kenny - The Geocentric Cosmic Clock and Calendar:
* Martin Kenny debates astrophysicist Sarah Bosman:!/v/sageofquay/zvxsh4bc
* Martin Kenny - Cosmic Creation, Matter, Time and Space:
* Martin's YouTube Channel:
* Robert Bonomo - 21 Faces of God:

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