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Monday, August 6, 2018

Richard Hall - 911 Alchemy, Facing Reality

This is a 7 part video. Click here for parts 2-7.

On today's show Richard gives an update on important information about the Birmingham 6 case. And also asks whether there is a fornication psy op currently in place in the UK. The main part of the show is a premier of a new film by Christian Hampton which looks at the anomalies within the 9/11 evidence and sheds light on the hidden technology which may have been used. The film includes some of the work of Richard D. Hall on the "planes" and attempts to show how the illusion was staged. Also featured are Andrew Johnson, Dr Judy Wood and Mark Conlon. Mark has been grappling with the 9/11 plane issue for years and has moved the plane debate into new territory with his keen eye for detail.

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