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Saturday, July 7, 2018

A message to my slutty daughter

Very colorful language...

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  1. This ranting comes off as just another guy having the nostalgia of old school females : females that inspire respect, affection and caring. A disappearing species indeed (have the few ones left protected by 'Greenpeace').

    In the bigger scheme of things, the female is the primary target of those aiming to confuse humanity and breaking its natural bonds while driving it to utter enslavement. But why target the female, first and foremost ?.

    A female, by nature has a very hungry ego : she wants to be beautiful among other females, she wants to be acknowledged for her physical attributes...etc (just notice how a young 6 yo girl is already preoccupied with her physical appearance, "she wants to be a princess", even dabbling in the games of seduction...etc).

    As such, having naturally a hungry ego, the female is a very easy target to Satan's minions, to manipulate her, confuse her and sway her to their side. Because her hungry ego makes her vulnerable, she is easier to be turned into an ally of Satan's minions.

    That said, despite her ego, a female is NOT that vulnerable. She has a big weapon and defense shield against her negative natural inclinations and a defense against those wanting to enroll her in the ranks of Satan. That impenetrable shield is for her to fully and wholeheartedly embrace her role as a wife and a mother, who is really the backbone of a healthy family; a healthy family being the backbone of a healthy society.

    A confused, unstable and unhappy female, will only strive to spread confusion, corruption and instability in the society in order to cope with her own malaise. Misery loves company, as they say.

    So do not be suprised when nowadays the enemies of humanity are doing everything they can to emasculate the males, while encouraging the female to deny her traditional role as the main support for a caring husband, a loving mother and the backbone of a happy household. They have her chase a career, bolster her seductive powers, make her believe that she is only as worthy as how much sexual tension she can arouse in the society...etc.

    You support the females as they are portrayed in the judeo-masonic sponsored magazines and movies ?. Well, then expect your societies to collapse and your children to be homos, lesbians and transgenders !!!. Blame none but your own stupidity and passivity.


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