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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mike Williams on FreakSense TV - Beware Of The Hollow Moon

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This 2 hour Podcast with Mike Williams (the Sage of Quay) represents Part One of this 4-Part series entitled, Everything You Know is a Lie.

The sad truth of our shared reality is that EVERYTHING organized society has ever taught us is a LIE, and as often as possible, a 180-degree, upside down Lie! This 4-Part video series with guests Mike Williams, Crrow777, Mark Devlin and David Weiss (DITRH) does not mince words or talk around key points. This series is designed to expose all of societal lies, and then offer up the way in which we ALL can take control over our own lives and create real change towards true Freedom and Independence.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting this on your site as well Mike! I have received a ton a overwhelmingly positive comments today on the show, and a lot from the "Truth Community" too...I think we may have hit upon something important...Thank you once again for being such an amazing guest, and, again, I apologize for yapping so much...I promise on our future shows, this won't be the case...have a great night!!! CF


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