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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sage of Quay Radio - Martin Kenny - Geocentrism and The Cosmic Egg Theory

Tonight my very special guest is Martin Kenny.

Martin is a student of syncretism which is the science of harmonizing the different teachings, cultures and philosophies from the ancient mystery schools.

Martin’s work is very deep and he takes the theory of geocentrism to the next level of research as we continue our quest to understand the higher order of existence.

During the recording of this show we did experience some minor Skype glitches where the audio dropped out a few times for a brief moment. Where this happened the video was edited to correct the issue.

To become more familiar with the Cosmic Egg theory I recommend everyone watch Martin’s presentation with Santos Bonacci. The link to that presentation along with Martin’s YouTube channel - Flat Earth Universe - is in the show notes below.

* Martin's Cosmic Egg Presentation with Santos Bonacci:
* Martin's YouTube Channel:
* Quantum Levitation:

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