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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Jack Heart - Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open

By Jack Heart & Orage

I walked. I could do nothing but walk. And then, I saw me walking in front of myself. But it wasn’t really me. Watch out. The gap in the door… it’s a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?

[Source] The warning is issued by the illumination of a flashlight on a bloody brown paper bag sitting atop a table in an otherwise unfurnished, concrete room. The bag quivers in gesture to the words it speaks, then falls silent and inanimate. Behind the bag over the table we see groups of five carved into the wall, as if someone is marking time.

The ghoulish scenario is part of an ‘interactive teaser’, as gaming aficionados were encouraged to call the “Playable Teaser [P.T.]” version of Silent Hills. The game was released for PlayStation 4 in August of 2014 as a free download for the PlayStation Network. P.T. was developed by Kojima Productions, under the pseudonym “7780s Studio” and published by Japanese entertainment giant Konami; the owner of the rights to the Silent Hill series.

Hideo Kojima –who directed and designed P. T.– is considered in the trade to be one of the top ten greatest game developers of all time. He closely collaborated with Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, acknowledged as the current master of horror in cinema.

Silent Hill is regarded by many of the more cerebral gamers to be closer to a new religion than a game. There are seemingly innumerable web sites and YouTube videos devoted to analysis of the metaphysical and psychological symbolism used in the games and the two major movies they spawned.

After years of wrangling with Konami for the movie rights, French director Christophe Gans got the green light to proceed and began his script in 2004 with screenwriter Roger Avary. Upon its completion, the studio balked at the nearly all-female cast, and the script had to be rewritten to incorporate some male characters outside the faceless Pyramid Head.

When Silent Hill was finally released in 2006 it would gross almost a hundred million, against a seemingly orchestrated effort by college-educated film critics not to understand basic occidental theology. The second movie Silent Hill Revelations wasn’t released until 2012. It achieved moderate commercial success in spite of again taking a beating by the priesthood of Brokeback Mountain…

Both movies are tightly based on lore that was promulgated by the first three games; the product of a Konami developmental team whose very name –Team Silent– advertises the nature of their game. Team Silent made four games; the last one called The Room was released in 2004. Konami would make five more after that, but none of them would live up to the work of Team Silent.

The Room would become more or less the template for Kojima’s 2014 P. T. version of Silent Hill. In P.T. the protagonist awakens in a house whose family seems to have been horribly murdered. The protagonist has no memory of their past or what they are doing there and are guided through a constantly changing hallway by a series of macabre clues like the talking bag and strange chatter periodically heard from the radio. P.T. was advertised as a promotional for a far more extensive Silent Hills game to be released by Konami some time in 2015 – 2016.

The first Silent Hill game was released in 1999. Its theme, accompanied by eerie other worldly music that insinuates itself into the deepest corners of the listeners consciousness, was set in a town drenched in hallucinogenic drugs and warped into a singular minded purpose to incarnate its god. In this confabulation of circumstances realities converge and create monsters where once there were people. The game is played through a man who is trying to find his adopted daughter in the maelstrom of the towns shifting realities and hostile monsters. Unbeknownst to him –her being adopted– his daughter contains the god they are trying to incarnate.

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