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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sage of Quay Radio - Neil Sanders - The Real Charles Manson Story

Tonight Neil Sanders returns to the show.

Neil is an expert on the subject of mind control and the techniques used within the matrix to manipulate the thoughts, beliefs and values of the unsuspecting masses.

Neil discusses his new book which is called Now Is The Only Thing That's Real which re-exams and revises the Charles Manson story by exposing the powerful players and motives behind what really happened on August 8, 1969.

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  1. Fascinating Manson discussion but I got lost after about 10 minutes, way too many characters!

    Basically, it seems that everyone mentioned here is a satanist, druggie, crook, member of the Mafia, sex deviant or weirdo etc, from Monroe to Sinatra to Manson to Police officials, ad infinitum.
    No big news then really....

    Cheers Mike.


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