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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sage of Quay Radio - Susan Clark & Jolie Diane - The Dangers of 5G Technology

Tonight my very special guest are Susan Clark and Jolie Diane.

Susan was a Research Assistant at the Harvard School of Public Health for 10 years, from which she holds a certificate in Health and Human Rights. She has exhaustively examined the scientific literature pertaining to the bio effects of radio-frequency radiation.

Jolie is one of the hardest working anti-geoengineering activists that I know. What makes her activism so unique is her unrelenting drive and ability to take the issue of the covert spraying program directly to the offices of both state and federal lawmakers to challenge the legality of a program that is in clear violation of state and federal laws sworn to protect the people and the environment.

This show will dig into the dangerous effects of 5G wireless technology which is being played up as the next logical step in bringing the Internet of Things into your life when in reality the technology is nefarious by its very nature and detrimental to humans and the environment.

* (The Internet of Things Poses Human Health Risks / Military Technology)

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