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Friday, July 28, 2017

Paul Is Dead - Bass Techniques and Stage Presence - Musicians Know the Truth

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  1. Beatles mystery none of these are facts just theories and assumptions. A few bullet points.
    *Paranoid on tour
    *Händlers in Germany Klaus voorman and Astrid? (something strange happened to Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac in Munich late sixties) Peter Green had threatened to give away all his royalties and amassed fortune, the elite wouldn't have liked that.
    Lennon handler was Yoko and coordinator Derek Taylor? They didn't need to replace John cos he was given the freedom from English inhibition to do what he wanted or it felt like that. In fact it could have been Yoko pulling the strings. Maybe Linda was Paul's handler and there were doubles involved to keep the curious's noses out. Scalpel... Late 66 all 4 Beatles were ushered away to a secret location for what they think is a Hush Hush recording session with chuck Berry et al or a movie project/new contract. They go and one by one put asleep and brainwashed without knowing. In Paul's case they operate on his voice box which may have changed his voice print. Is the voice print technology perfect is it flawed? Of course they could have tried it previously on some unsuspecting viet cong prisoner, anyone to see if it worked and then kill him in case he tells all. Then satanists arranged the fake funeral. Of course tptb planned this in advance. If the Beatles were freemasons and very good motivated actors but we'll that is another possible theory.
    I am just a Beatles fan who lives in a council house who became awake 6 or 7 years ago. I think I am more unique than most people cos I look at things from All angles. I have intuition, too much for my own good. I can explain some of my theories.

    Philip Rutherford aka Philip Rutherford (radical solutions)


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