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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guitar Stuff - Oscar Schmidt OE20 Gold Top Serpentine LP - Quick Review

I picked up this Oscar Schmidt OE 20 Serpentine for $240 (free shipping and 10% off promo code) from Butler Music.

A great looking guitar but I needed to do a full fret leveling job to fix high frets throughout the fret board. It was a throw back to the when I was working on Chibsons.

* Finish is great
* Inlays are beautiful
* GraphTech Newbone nut is excellent
* Tuners work very well
* Stock pickups are decent (I swapped them out)

* Frets needed leveling
* Bridge is cheap

* Oscar Schmiddt OE20 Guitars:
* Donlis Pickups (AliExpress):
* Donlis Technical Review:

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