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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Freemasonry and the Motion Picture Production Code

Statue from The Song of Songs
[Source] I speak again with modern historian Joe Atwill, this time about the Motion Picture Production Code implemented in Hollywood in the 1930s, eventually replaced with the current rating system (G,PG, R, X). The Code, overseen by Freemason Will Hays, was on its surface intended to restrict studios and filmmakers from showing lewd or violent material to the public, but our interview reveals that propriety was not really the goal. The result of such restriction was suggestiveness on the part of filmmakers, who found creative ways to depict sex and violence such that audiences only wanted more. And thus we were conditioned toward the moral laxity offered by the modern film industry. See more of Joe Atwill at, and read more about the Code here. (At right is the statue Joe mentions from The Song of Songs.)

Listen HERE

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