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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Are Zionists holocausting Palestinian heritage?

[Source] Zionists are having a fit over UNESCO enshrining ancient Hebron as a protected world heritage site for the “Palestinian State”. Despite their huge military superiority over the Palestinians and the money conveyor belt from the US helping the oppression go on, the guilt ridden Israelis fear what they know they would do if their places were reversed with the Palestinians. They would resist with all of their might.

And yes, they would use terrorism to do it. Just look at what they did to the British, and the unfortunate Tommies they murdered when British troops were fighting and dying while freeing Jews from camps in Germany at the end of the war. They were not spared.

Nor was Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN mediator, murdered by the Irgun because he was pushing for an arms embargo for Palestine when the Soviets were arming the Zios. The trigger man ended up as Sharon’s driver and bodyguard.

Having been a former Zionist terrorist was a resume enhancer for those choosing to go into politics, even for a prime minister like Yitzhak Shamir. None of these people ever showed any remorse for what they did, and they were welcomed with full courtesy in the Western world.

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