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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Russian Perspective on Gender Roles

This is a little different to what I would normally translate, but sociological topics such as 3rd wave feminism and the prevalence of pornography in Western countries are important to deliberate. Russia’s Dr. Oleg Torsunov would be considered as highly ‘conservative’ in Western liberal spheres, however it is difficult to outright discard the points he makes as untrue. After all, while education for girls all over the world is a basic human right, the Rockefellers had admitted that the women’s movement was not as much about women’s liberation, but about being able to “tax the other half of the population.” So, how much of the ‘liberated’ women, especially in Western countries, are truly happy – having been absolved of the requirement to be mothers and wives, in order to be able to make a dignified living. While some women truly make this independent decision, many are also influenced by pop culture and societal pressures.

Similarly, masculinity is often judged by the degree of promiscuity that a man partakes in; whereas such over indulgence can lead to degradation of a man’s character. Similarly, the easy availability of pornography on the internet leads some men to believe that a line not need be drawn at all. What do you think?

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