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Monday, June 26, 2017

Jack Heart - Silent Hill Silent Scream

[Source] In an opening scene from the movie Silent Hill, the little girl Sharon, plagued by sleep walking incidents and memory lapses, is depicted cradled in the arms of her adopted mother; Rose. They lounge against a tree and the grass around them sways in the breeze of a sunlit day. Sharon fidgets as Rose speaks sweetly into her ear “you know we’re going on a special trip don’t you?” In a coquettish kitten voice Sharon replies “no.” Continuing Rose says “do you know where we’re going?” Sharon shakes her head no. In a soothing voice Rose says “no? Honey sometimes when you go to sleep you go on a little walk and sometimes you talk about a place…called Silent Hill.” Sharon looks Rose in the eye and resolutely pronounces, “I don’t remember.” Rose replies “that’s okay sweetie, that’s why we’re gonna go there. So you can remember…”1

They drift off to sleep and when they awaken the view moves far enough away to show them reclining against the gnarled trunk of a rough barked tree under its canopy of wrinkled leaves. A couple of feet to their right, reclining against the trunk of the same tree, there’s a mummified corpse that looks to have fallen asleep and never awoken. They’re in an alternate universe and from that point on in the movie Rose and Sharon never leave it. They are already in Silent Hill.

They walk down a hill to their car parked on a street a few hundred feet away. The sign on the roadside reads; “Do you not know that we will judge angels. Do you not know the saints will judge the world...”2

The town of Silent Hill sits atop a coal seam fire. A product of industrialization and estimated to cause 4% of the world’s total carbon emissions. Coal seam fires occur in mine shafts and can burn for years. Their fumes poison the air above. The inhabitants of Silent Hill believe they have survived ‘the apocalypse’ which was the setting of the fire thirty years before. They live in a nightmare world where their only purpose is seemingly to cower in fear from a sentient darkness that hunts them like animals. They take shelter from it in their church and from a faceless monster that rules over it. He has a pyramid for a head and outside the church is unstoppable. His entourage includes swarms of humanoid insects and hideously contorted and disfigured mannequin like creatures that move in the jerky motions of a badly oiled machine in rhythm to a defected clock. These creatures are all homicidally hostile toward the church congregation. The darkness, which contains them, can come at anytime and is heralded by an air raid alarm sounded throughout the town warning those foraging outside to get back to the sanctuary of the church. When she lags behind the girl who leads Rose to the church is caught by Pyramid Head and pulled from her skin writhing in agony. Inside the church Rose, who was separated from Sharon shortly after they awakened, is told by the priestess; Christabella, that she must seek Sharon out in the basement of Silent Hills abandoned hospital, the lair of Alessa the witch.

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