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Friday, May 26, 2017

Scale Model Proves a Flat Earth

The earth is undeniably flat when you actually take the time to look into it with unbiased eyes. We've been lied to, but God is revealing the truth to his children before the great deception. Earth is stationary with no curvature to speak of. Refraction, weather, and our atmosphere, along with perspective and the way our eyes work eliminate the possibility of seeing forever on the earth. The sun, moon, and stars are close, and soon the stars will begin to fall to the earth exactly like the bible said they would. Exactly like Jesus said they would to be precise. The Bible holds the truth, and this world is a lie. Seek a relationship with your creator today through Jesus Christ, we aren't promised a tomorrow.

Here's a curvature chart so you can do your own test.

James Farrell (Scale Curvature Model)

Jenna Fredo (Toronto, Ontario 30.84 miles)

Bmlsb69 (Habitat at 9.41 miles)

San Fransisco Bay Bridge (at 17 miles)

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