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Friday, May 12, 2017

How NOT to Shield a Guitar

I recently picked up an SX PJ bass on craigslist. Though SX guitars are quit good for the money, I purchased this one for the MIJ Fender pickups that had been installed in it for another bass. When I opened the bass up to get the pickups out, I got excited for just a moment as it looked like someone had already shielded this guitar and if use the body for another build, I would not have to deal with shielding it. Unfortunately, this guitar was not shielded properly. They cavities were not grounded together or even grounded at all. Also, there was not enough shielding tape used and no connectivity throughout the guitar cavity and no shielding on the pick guard.

I decided to make this simple video of how not to shield a guitar because when I was first getting into doing various guitars I shielded two guitars improperly. A lot of work for nothing is no fun. Sometimes pointing out the wrong way to do something is helpful, so if you are getting ready to shield a guitar, hopefully this will help you.

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