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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Elana Freeland - The Global Smart Grid, Space Fence, AI and The Transhumanist Agenda

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  1. We stand now in a signature of the "Pulse Of Life". The resonance rhythm and duration of the Schumann Resonances represent quasi standing wave electromagnetic wave which exist in all mass and forms of life throughout the known infinite cosmos...... Changes in the Schumann Resonant pulsing of 6.7, 14. 20, 26, 33, and 39 Hz. represent alterations in all known lifeforms. Geomagnetic activity induced by mans electromagnetic devices and solar activity insights disruption of the natural Schumann resonance (SR).
    .. The idea that the earth, sun and other planetary bodies influence human health and behavior and, on a larger scale, social unrest and significant global events, has been discussed among scientists for decades. The study of interconnectedness, which is not yet fully embraced in the mainstream scientific community, is still in infancy.

    Global coherence research uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes the geosciences and astrophysics as well as extensive data from human and animal studies that are correlated to social and global events. The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) employs the Global Coherence Monitoring System to collect a variety of data, information about Earth’s magnetic field and how it affects and is influenced by human emotions and behaviors.
    ... Thus the reason I " Stand ON Watch " with Elana to bare witness too and educate those now in the realm of THE NEW SPACEFENCE, new HAARP Technologies and ChemTrails


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