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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sofia Smallstorm w/Mike Williams, David Weiss & Jeranism - A Flat Earth Discussion

I recently had the pleasure of joining Sofia Smallstorm, David Weiss and Jeran Campanella for a round-table discussion about the Flat Earth.

In this conversation we discuss some of the more challenging questions regarding the Flat Earth theory as we share our thoughts and ideas with each other.

Sofia's website:
Mike's website: 
David's YouTube:
Jeran's YouTube:

Sofia's Store:

* Dr Zach apparent SUN POSITION
* Skiba sun set with atmospheric lensing
* Different kinds of sunsets
* How we see the sun set
* Crrow777 Religion and the sun
* How can we see the stars at such great distances. We can’t.
* Propulsion in a vacuum
* The limits of our sight due to perspective
* NASA whistleblower
* Staircase to disbelief

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