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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Ella Gareeva - The Hampstead Children

Ella Gareeva
[Source] Ella Draper, now known as Ella Gareeva, is the mother of Alisa and Gabriel, also referred to as "the Hampstead children," whose story and personal testimony of sodomy and murder went viral on YouTube in February 2015. Ella joins me to share insight into and shed light on the ritual abuse of her young children, which may have begun when they were infants (unbeknownst to her). She discusses the Sodomite Death Cult that operates at high levels of British life and is making its way down the social pyramid to create a "culture of killers" who are negatively sexualized by sadistic tortures. For backstory, please listen to this SGT Report, and click here for Ella's recent public statement. Please also visit her websites: and 

Listen HERE

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