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Friday, April 28, 2017

ACLU Frames Obama Sleuth for ESPIONAGE? (Obama Forgery Case)

Did ACLU and Judge Murray Snow try to frame Mike Zullo for 'Espionage?' In the midst of chasing AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio under false pretenses, ACLU and Judge Murray Snow try to gin up "side cases" against Obama Fraud investigator MIKE ZULLO.

What scared the government so much? Zullo uncovered mass surveillance of American citizens by Obama -- NSA even stole bank passwords from millions of citizens! Whistleblower DENNIS MONTGOMERY obtained this illegal spying database -- and tried to blow the whistle. That's when ACLU and Judge Snow rigged the court against Zullo -- on behalf of the crooked US Government.

Plus, the Globalists needed to scare away (or imprison) Zullo and Arpaio -- before they proved Obama's birth certificate was forged.

Unfortunately for ACLU, Judge Snow, and the US Government, Arpaio/Zullo proved beyond any doubt that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is 100% fake. Plus, they're exposing Obama's STASI wiretapping operation which illegally spied on millions of Americans including Donald Trump.

AUDIO is Freedom Friday radio show (1330 AM, WEBY) 4-21-2017.

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