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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sage of Quay Radio - Jordan Maxwell - Your Business Is Not My Business

This is Part 2 of a recent interview I did with Jordan Maxwell.

For this discussion Jordan will talk to us about the system of commerce we reside in, what marriage really is, how the Vatican, lead by the Jesuits, are the true controllers of the world and he also offers his insights into Donald Trump.

Jordan has two brand new DVDs out. The first is Revealing Ancient Mysteries where Jordan puts to rest one of the great central mysteries of Christianity and sheds light on it's beginnings and current day incarnation. The second DVD is Cosmocrats where after 50 years of extensive research Jordan reveals the world’s most powerful secret society and the symbol they use to control the world.

Jordan’s website is and a highly recommended section of his website is Jordan’s Research Society where for $30 you receive a life time subscription giving you access to a plethora of Jordan's private research material.

* Jordan's website:
* Buy Jordan's New DVDs:
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