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Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama's KENYA Birth Certificate Pops Up Again

Obama's fake "Kenya Birth Certificate" pops up again in 2017, after fooling many "Birthers" in 2011. Mike Zullo (formerly of Maricopa County AZ Sheriff's Department) tells Carl Gallups why Obama's fake Kenya birth certificate is suddenly popping up again in 2017.

Obama's infamous "Kenya Birth Certificate" was floated in 2011 to distract researchers from Obama's forged HAWAII birth certificate and stolen CT Social Security Number. Obama's Kenyan birth certificate is widely regarded as a crude forgery -- even by government mouthpiece Snopes.

To hype Obama's bogus "Kenya Birth Certificate" in 2017, Malik Obama tweets about it to launch another round of "Kenya Madness" disinformation.

In 2017, WHY drag this sloppy Kenya forgery out of storage for another round of nonsense? Because President Trump may reveal shocking details about Obama's true background. To blunt that attack, Team Obama may be flooding the web with various forgeries that can be "disproven" to discredit researchers questioning Obama's false life story.

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