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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Obama's FAKE Michelle Dinner - NYC Greenwich Village

Obama gets busted in another staged (fake) "dinner" with Michelle -- at Carbone Restaurant in Greenwich Village (NYC). Dinner photos released to the public are clearly photoshopped -- featuring a flesh-colored "golf ball" sticking out of Obama's face and sloppy photoshopping of Obama's ear.

Obama's hair changes from silver to black as he sits down at the table -- and the only photo of Michelle shows a two-headed blur rushing by.

As these links (below) prove, the "Obama Family" is a fake marriage between two men who cannot produce babies -- thus, the Obama "daughters" are borrowed to complete the illusion.

Since leaving the White House in early 2017, the Obamas haven't been seen together -- except for ONCE when Obama met Michelle on Richard Branson's "Necker Island" in the Caribbean. Photos from THAT trip are bizarre:

Did Soros pay to construct this "Obama Family" fraud, or was it CIA? Either way, the masters of illusion are keeping Obama in DC to wreak havoc on America.

Real Parents of Obama Daughters FOUND:

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