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Sunday, March 19, 2017

NZ and the 'Mandela Effect': Folks who remember New Zealand being in a different place

[Source] Do you know where New Zealand is? Chances are you live here, and have a pretty good idea - somewhere southeast of Australia, give or take a few thousand kilometres.

But what about Lebanon, could you draw that on a map? What about the proper positioning of Japan, Korea, and China? Could you summon that all from memory?

A month or so ago I found a large community of people online who strongly remember New Zealand to be in a very different place to where it is. Some remember it being northeast of Australia, instead of southeast. Some remember New Zealand in essentially the same place, but Australia way further south. Some have it even further off.

"I remember it west of Australia," says Julie of California, whom I've agreed to not identify by last name.

"Sixteen years ago I bought a globe. I was actually thinking about Australia and New Zealand and how I didn't know much about either, so I thought I should really know where they are."

"So I looked at my globe and saw it as a big landmass west of Australia. I thought 'this is a good way to remember it, it seems exotic to me because it is further away from the United States, further west.'"

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