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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Jack Heart - The Qabalah (Installment 1)

[Source] Alright, let today be the first day of the rest of your lives. It’s getting ridiculous, people sending me links to Henry Makow and all the stupid shit I hear people saying and posting. I couldn’t help but notice a headline in VT (somebody has to) today about the Qabalah being at the root of the New World Order. That’s not really true; it’s the Christian and Muslim insistence on bringing a water gun to a gun fight that has made the new world order everything it is today. Intellectually and spiritually if you do not know the Qabalah or one of the similar systems of Magick available, you are useless in this fight. In fact stay home, those that do are gonna make you dance just like a matinee puppet, just like they do devout (ignorant is the right word) Christians and Muslims and to a lesser extent Jews (their Rabbis know the deal).

First off some real science; there is no such thing as particles. They know this and have known it or at least the science behind it, since WW II. It is in the very Nature of the DNA of my target audience that –just like in the movie The Matrix– this reality can be tweaked, even changed if you are good enough, by the power of your own Will. They need their gods and their machines. You don’t. This, all of it, is nothing but a two-dimensional projection that is processed by YOUR consciousness into this miserable world the Human Race lives in.

The Magi have always used this fact in the service of themselves, their kings and their gods to keep you miserable; “Les Misérables…” the guy who wrote that; Victor Hugo was a Grand Master. They farm you like a bee keeper controls his hive by controlling the queen. That is the occult meaning behind the bee being a symbol of royalty. There are entities that feed on human misery, pull it out of the ether or projection if you will, just like a clam or oyster pulls nutrients from the sea. Those that feed them are handsomely rewarded. Didn’t you ever wonder why them dime store Jesus preachers live in 30 room mansions and the pope got more gold than Fort Knox? Why those table cloth wearing degenerates in Saudi Arabia all have private jets and harems? Why that Jew has more than you do? There are things in this world, the things that move it, that you just would not believe unless you have seen them. I wouldn’t. If you are going to interact with them you better learn how, otherwise you are food for the beast. The Qabalah is the best place I know of to start. We can begin by learning how to spell it properly. It just goes to show how sneaky the rabbis are that they never correct and even encourage the goyim to misspell it, spellings everything in the Qabalah. Obviously, as you can see, it’s spelled with a Q; Qoph, Beth, Lamed and Heh. According to the standard Ben-Yehuda’s pocket English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary QBLH means “receipt; receiving, reception [starting to fucking get it yet?]; tradition; cabals, mysticism...”

I’m not going to be teaching anybody the system, do it yourself just like I did. But I will teach you how to use it. Here’s an important primer I published a while back about how to derive the two true names of Yahweh, as you cannot bind a disembodied entity without knowing them. Jehovah (YHVH) and Yahweh (YVHH) are anagrams, the wrong ones. It’s forbidden by Jewish law for anyone but Metatron, another name for god (some say an archangel, I don’t), to teach the real ones. But then again I have always been an Outlaw…

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