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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jack Heart: Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head - Part I

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” - Peter Pan

[Source] The reality of the herd is nothing more than an etiological myth; a story concocted in accordance with prevailing beliefs to explain how an already existing thing came into being. The children of Abraham tell a story of how their god created rainbows as a promise that he would never do it again after he had drowned the entire world. Then they laugh at Peter Pan…

Mythology as a word itself should be stricken from the English language. There is no such thing as a myth, only alternate realities, every one of them just as feasible and just as real as the other. The one the observer experiences is dependent only on what the observer believes is real. If Peter Pan jumps from the roof of the Empire State Building in front of you, he will no doubt end in a bloody pancake on the pavement below but in another world, he is soaring like a drunken pigeon over Fifth Avenue. The bloody pancake is part of your world, not his…

In this world, the herd, the mob, the unwashed masses, they are farm animals and are seldom if ever told the truth by their keepers. They believe, they graze and they bleat, they live and die by what they are told. They are the proverbial six hundred lost souls in the South Tower of the World Trade Center; only too willing to ignore the burning North Tower right in front of them in favor of promises made by an incorporeal authority who tells them on some faceless public address system that everything will be just fine if they just go back to work. For them, beasts of burden that they are, death cannot come soon enough, just like it did…

They are Slaves, they are Helots, they are technology’s Shudras; conditioned to swoon at the mere mention of Albert Einstein’s name. Albert Einstein! ‘Albert Einstein, the godlike Jew that changed the course of human history in the early twentieth century...’ It would all be laughable if it if did not contain the germ of truth. There was a godlike Jewish scientist in the first half of the twentieth century from which precedes everything twenty-first century man now see’s before him. But his name was not Albert Einstein and he was in fact, besides being a Jew who delighted in telling Yiddish jokes to other Jews, a fanatically committed “Nazi…”

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