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Friday, March 24, 2017

Flat Earth Society - Phase Two

Don't be so quick to accept that which we cannot prove ourselves. The AE map may not be 100% correct. There may not be an ice wall completely surrounding us. There may not be a dome, or if there is it may be much much bigger! Two things we can be certain of, the earth doesn't spin, and curvature of land and oceans doesn't exist either. It is important that we don't make absolute claims which we cannot prove. The supposed curvature and motion of earth can be proven to not exist. Proving what all the continents look like and how much land there really is... that is a whole different story.

Did the Flat Earth Truth leak on accident or is it being revealed on purpose? Are these Athletes and celebrities going to be used to take the focus away from legitimate Flat Earth research? Will these celebrities flip flop back to the globe after being publicly "schooled" by an actor like Neil Degrasse Tyson? Or will they just claim they are joking? These are questions that will eventually answer themselves in time. Stay Tuned Folks!

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