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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sage of Quay Radio - Jolie Diane - The Anti-Geoengineering Legal Remedy

Tonight my very special guests is Jolie Diane.

Jolie is one of the hardest working anti-geoengineering activists that I know. What makes her activism so unique is her unrelenting drive and ability to take the issue of the covert spraying program directly to the offices of both state and federal lawmakers and challenging the legality of a program that is in clear violation of state and federal laws sworn to protect the people and the environment.

In our discussion Jolie takes us through the outstanding progress that she and her colleagues have made with getting lawmakers on-board with the repercussions and environmental issues of the spraying program.

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  1. That was great...blew through 2 hours with ease and interest.!


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