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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kennedy, De Niro Hold Major Vaccine Safety Press Conference

[Source] Activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and actor Robert De Niro are set to hold a major press conference at the National Press Club Wednesday to discuss the correlation between mercury-containing vaccines and childhood autism.

“The event will focus on the announcement of a unique challenge with substantial cash award to the American people and media,” a press release from Kennedy’s World Mercury Project states.

The conference will also address President Donald Trump’s potential “Vaccine Safety Commission,” which Kennedy claimed he’d been offered an opportunity to chair last month.

Sources tell Infowars the two prominent figures are preparing to offer a cash reward of up to $100,000 to anyone who can prove that mercury-containing vaccines do not contribute to autism.

The conference, which will be livestreamed by Infowars, begins broadcasting from Washington D.C. at 9:25AM eastern.

De Niro made headlines last year after he was unable to get the controversial documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” screened at his own Tribeca Film Festival.

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