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Saturday, February 4, 2017

China announces massive weather control campaign

[Source] Mention the term “weather modification” in polite company and you’re likely to be immediately dismissed as some kind of conspiracy nut.

But the truth is that weather modification technology has been in use throughout the world for decades and lately has become a burgeoning industry with more and more countries investing millions in cloud seeding operations used mainly to stimulate rainfall in arid or drought-stricken regions.

In fact, China has just announced its approval of a 1.15 billion yuan ($168 million) scheme to modify the weather over a vast portion of the country – an area nearly double the size of France – in hopes of increasing precipitation and helping the targeted regions with “ecological security, water resource allocation, drought-fighting and forest fire prevention.”

From the South China Morning Post:

“According to the National Development and Reform Commission, a feasibility study by the China Meteorological Administration found that rainfall and snow could be increased in an area of 960,000 sq km, 10 percent of the country’s territory if the proposed investments were made.

“The NDRC approved the budget to buy four new planes, upgrade eight existing aircraft, develop 897 rocket launch devices and connect 1,856 devices to digital control systems. The whole project will take three years.”

The undertaking is merely a continuation and expansion of China’s ongoing weather modification program, which has been utilized not only to stimulate rainfall in drought areas, but to clear the air of pollution – the sunny weather conditions during the 2008 Beijing Olympics are credited to the use of cloud-seeding efforts to divert rain clouds away from the events.

Last summer, the Chinese government approved the allocation of 199 million yuan ($29.76 million) for cloud seeding projects, but has now decided to invest even more in response to recent “extreme weather events.”


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