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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Priscilla Vogelbacher - Luciferians, Satanists and Demons

Returning to the show tonight is my very special guest Priscilla Vogelbacher.

Priscilla is the author of the book Hallowed Be Thy Name: Lucifer, Origins & Revelation. She is a researcher and an expert in the mythologies of Mesopotamia and the Abrahamic religions focusing on the character and concept of Lucifer.

In today’s discussion, Priscilla will explain how the terms “Luciferian”, “Satanic” and “Demonic” are being used based on Christian concepts and how this usage is applied incorrectly by many in the truth and alternative research communities to define acts of evil. Based on Priscilla's work and expertise in mythology, there is no basis or foundation from a mythological perspective for Lucifer, Satan or Demons being evil entities or engaged in evil acts.

This discussion for some people will be highly controversial but if one keeps an open and critical mind I think you will find the dialog fascinating.

* Priscilla's website: http://www.beautifulnightmarestudios....
* Buy Hallowed Be Thy Name: Lucifer, Origins & Revelation:
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