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Monday, December 5, 2016

Sage of Quay Radio - Priscilla Vogelbacher - Who Is Lucifer?

Tonight my very special guest is Priscilla Vogelbacher.

Priscilla is the author of the book Hallowed Be Thy Name: Lucifer, Origins & Revelation. She is a researcher and an expert in the mythologies of Mesopotamia and the Abrahamic religions focusing on the character and concept of Lucifer.

In today’s discussion, Priscilla will take us through the Sumerian story of Enki and Enlil to help us understand who’s the true god of human enlightenment – is it Yahweh or is it Lucifer?

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  1. Good job falling into the trap of luciferianism.
    It blows my mind how so called ''truthers'' see the coming world order as an evil thing but then embrace their new age religion as truth, not even realizing where it's coming from.
    Please do some research on the gnostic / kaballistic / jesuit connexion to push this pantheistic pagan belief system who is in TOTAL oppositon with the bible and the messiah's teaching.
    Just pick up a bible and read it for yourself and if god wants it, you will see that there is no ''light'' side to the occult.

  2. Well, good job to you also for falling into the non-thinking category of the sheeple masses. I've done more research than you will ever dream of doing. The problem with the world is people like yourself who never venture outside their self prescribed zones of belief but think they know everything. As for reading the Bible, unlike you who I'm going to assume attends "Bible study" to be taught what to believe - but has never actually read the Bible front to back (like most), I have read it. All 66 books. I studied Christianity for 3+ years. Here's a tip - there's more to KNOW and understand than one religious book. Wake up.

  3. First, I very much agree with your rebuttal to the first comment, Mike. These are the people who basically give me no hope. Second, Priscilla's view is ASTONISHINGLY congruent with that of Anton Parks in his books (now translated into English after quite a few years), which were digested by physicist Gerry Zeitlin in his website, now chronicled at another site since his death. (I had an email correspondence with Zeitlin and his wife for several years.)The whole reptilian nature of the rulers is there; as is Enki as the Satan prototype and Enlil as Yahweh prototype. And Enki was part amphibian as well as part reptile. Some of the particulars differ (e.g., the Cain and Abel genesis) but you (and Priscilla) might investigate Parks (a pseudonym for a French author). Parks experienced a multi-year "download" of a creature called Sa'am (who was Enki), who spoke a language that Parks instantly knew and thought was Hebrew, only it was ancient Akkadian (as I recall), the language of the reptilian gods. Sa'am essentially narrated the history of the human race to Parks. Draco and Sirius are part of the story as well. Not saying this is definitive, but the two are very similar takes.

    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for the information. I will definitely take a look and pass on to Priscilla as well.


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