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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sage of Quay Radio - Michael Joseph - Understanding Occult Beliefs

Tonight my guest is occult researcher Michael Joseph.

In this show Michael will take us through how he believes the occultist or adept views and applies their esoteric practices. To do this, Michael will delineate between Adept Occultism and Orthodox Christianity.

Due to the complexity of the material presented it is recommended to watch the slideshow as we make our way through the discussion in order to fully understand Michael’s explanations and insights.

Michael makes no claim that his research or interpretations on this topic are definitive or absolute. He is simply offering his insights based upon his research. The occult is a complex topic and there will be different school’s of thought on the meaning and application of occult knowledge. That being said, this presentation is an excellent primer on occult symbolism.

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