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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Derek Hess w/Mike Williams - Paul Is Dead - The Memoirs of Beatle Bill Shepherd

I recently had the pleasure of joining host Derek Hess on his radio show Overrated on 89.3 WCSB out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Derek asked if I could talk to his audience about the Memoirs Of Billy Shears by Thomas E. Uharriet.

Memoirs is a book written in the first person by an individual named William (Bill) Shepherd who claims to be the man who has been playing the part of Paul McCartney for 50 years after the real Paul passed away on September 11, 1966.

As I have stated in other shows where I have talked about the book, I am not affiliated with Thomas Uharriet, Bill Shepherd or Shepherd as Paul McCartney and have no financial association whatsoever with the book. My discussions regarding The Memoirs of Billy Shears is motivated simply by my interest in the Paul Is Dead topic.

The discussion with Derek was free flowing and we even venture into some philosophical dialogue about the after life.

Derek's Radio Show:
Memoirs of Billy Shears:

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  1. Hey Mike, thought you might find this John Lennon quote taken from his last interview given 3 days before his death with Rolling Stone magazine. John is describing the decor in his living room to the reporter and had this to say: "Next to it on the wall I'd placed a wooden number nine and a dagger Yoko had given me – a dagger made out of a bread knife from the American Civil War, to cut away the bad vibes, to cut away the past symbolically..."


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