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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who's Spraying the Dakota Pipeline Protesters with Chemical Agents?

[Source] The stories of militarized police attacking peaceful Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at Standing Rock are horrifying. Dogs have been sicced on people, biting them. Rubber bullets and tear gas have been copiously sprayed, with some people vomiting up blood or suffering permanent injuries. Last week stories came out of police kettling hundreds of protesters on a bridge and spraying them with water cannons in 25-degree freezing weather… all because our police forces are protecting private corporations and profits over people and sacred Native American lands.

But now the worst accusation yet has come out of the protester camp; stories of small low-flying aircraft that appear to be crop dusters showing up in the middle of the night for days in a row, lights completely out, illegally over tribal land.
Worse, they are reportedly spraying what some protesters believe to be chemical agents on them.
Via activist protestor Candida Rodriguez Kingbird:
“We have had aircraft flying over our camp for several days. . . they mostly come at night and have their lights off. . . they are using this space illegally. . . Last night. . . there was an aircraft flying over camp from approximately 1:40am until about 2:20am this morning spraying what we believe to be chemical agents down on top of us.”
Kingbird says, “This is an act of terrorism.”

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