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Friday, November 18, 2016

Disturbing Agenda - Left Pushing Pedophile Rights

[Source] A self-admitted pedophile claims his attraction to children is just a “sexual orientation” as leftist media promotes “pedophile rights.”

Todd Nickerson, a 43-year-old from Tenn., said he is part of the emerging “virtuous pedophiles” movement, which its members describe themselves as “ethical pedophiles” and “gold-star pedophiles.”

“I am a pedophile. I’m not a monster,” he said in an interview with Barcroft TV. “I have the attraction but I don’t act on it.”

“I have never ever sexually abused a child and I never will. I do not look at child porn, I never will.”

Nickerson said he is attracted to children as young as three and that he was the victim of molestation when he was seven, which he admits may have been a “contributing factor” of his pedophilia.

“If you look at history, there is always one minority that everybody kind of persecutes and I think at the moment we’re it,” he stated, adding that he wants to end the demonization of pedophiles. “I would like to see some protections for people like me, protections against being fired from their job and being protected from violence.”

He came into public spotlight in Sept. 2015 when left-wing outlet published his op/ed asking Americans to “learn to accept” pedophiles and become “understanding and supportive” of their “sexual orientation.”

“So, please, be understanding and supportive,” pedophile Todd Nickerson wrote. “It’s really all we ask of you.”

But why is the left-wing media using pedophiles like Nickerson to try to normalize pedophilia?

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