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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Desperate Criminal Liberals Wage War On Freedom Of The Press

Freedom of speech is staring down the barrel of a gun loaded by a cancer of global interests that have laid claim to the last remaining fragments of the First Amendment of The United States of America. RT reports "Former congressman Ron Paul revealed a list of “fake news” journalists he claims are responsible for “bogus wars” and lies about Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election. Journalists from CNN, the New York Times, and the Guardian are included.

“This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars,” according to a report on his website, Ron Paul Liberty Report. Paul claims the list is sourced and “holds a lot more water” than a list previously released by Melissa Zimdars, who is described by Zero Hedge as an "ultra-liberal, Assistant Professor of Communications at Merrimack College” Zimdars list in itself should be considered fake. A list containing actual fake news sites alongside true news gathering alternative view sites that utilize a system of dissecting the mainstream narrative and its long history of fake reporting. Fake reporting is nothing new, just ask Brian Williams. But with the loss of the globalists foothold and the quiet death of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013. Propaganda is being waged on all fronts.

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