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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Breaking: Trump Pulling Away, Hillary Desperate For Votes in ‘Blue’ States

[Source] Inside sources say Democrat internal polls (not the fluffed-up media polls) show Trump ahead in every swing state!

This is why Hillary is doing midnight, 11th hour emergency rallies in “Democratic” states – they aren’t solid blue, despite what the mainstream media claims. Her campaign is panicking privately.

And this is likely why they cancelled her election night fireworks show.

Trump also has far more crossover support than Hillary, i.e. more Dems are switching over to vote Trump than Republicans for Hillary (except for the Bush family & other GOP globalists, of course.)

This explains why traditionally Democratic states are now in play – even in the Midwest!

Remember, this isn’t a traditional Democrat vs. Republican race. This is a lone individual leading a populist movement against the entire establishment.

The only realistic way Hillary has to win the election is through massive fraud, which Trump has a chance to beat with a tsunami of support.

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