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Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Blast From The Past: Child Sex Scandal Roils Unicef Unit

[Source] In 1987, The New York Times investigated and published articles on pedophilia exposing those in positions of authority who had abused their privileged status for the purpose of carrying out their own mentally deranged habits in a similar fashion as Jimmy Saville. Today the NYT no longer does investigative journalism that is truthful, accurate and unbiased as we saw in the recent presidential election. 

If anything the NYT and many others have set about a major onslaught against Independent Media, where numerous sites have been inaccurately labeled “Russian Propaganda”and “Fake News“simply because these sites do not follow the party line and the narrative as stipulated by the Deep State. A Clinton loss came as an extreme shock to all of them when they thought that they had the White House neatly wrapped up in a bow.

None of them will go near #PizzaGate and for good reason. The New York Times is now controlled by one of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim. Carlos is a major supporter of Hillary Clinton and the foundations that have been set up in Haiti in order to rape that country of its gold and its children for human trafficking. Along with their connections to those who employ earthquake technology in order to , as Obama once said, make countries see things their way.

Satanist child sex abuse, Pizza restaurants, Podesta emails, propaganda Main Stream Media such as the NYT who Trump calls out as liars,  major donors to the Clinton Foundation, geo-engineering and the results being earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, “it takes a village” evolving into taking villages in Haiti for gold, drug running  and human trafficking exploitation, are all interconnected.

#PizzaGate is only one facet of an international Satanic death cult where as Kissinger proposes, it boils down to the winners and the losers with no social, political or economic responsibility for humanity at all. A corporate fascist feudal system of an elite taking it all and the large majority of the world living on the bread line. By destroying the middle class, they consider themselves “the winners.” As Warren Buffet once stated, they are in a war between the rich and the poor and the rich are winning.

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