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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sage of Quay Radio - Paul Is Still Dead - Silly Willy With The Philly Band (Oct 2016)

The presentation that follows is an addendum to the recent Paul Is Dead discussion I had with Sofia Smallstorm.

I received a number of emails regarding Bill Shepherd’s last name being Campbell and not Shepherd along with questions about Phil Akrill who played with Denny Laine in a band known as The Diplomats in the early 1960s.

In this video I will address those questions along with presenting a recent interview of Denny Laine where he adds another piece to the puzzle confirming that William Shepherd is indeed Paul McCartney.

I highly recommend anyone interested in the Paul Is Dead topic read the book “The Memoirs of Billy Shears”. The book leaves very few stones unturned and will answer many of the questions researchers have been asking for 50 years.

I have no association or financial interest in book whatsoever. I just found it to be great read and that is the premise of my presentations on this topic.

* Outlaw Renegade Nation interview with Denny Laine (full):
* My PID Interview with Sofia Smallstorm:
* Memoirs of Billy Shears (Book):
* Billy Shears Website:


  1. I definitely believe Shepherd is William's last name. But as I am reading "Billy's Back" page 230. He claims to have written the Elvis song "One Sided Love Affair" in 1955 under the name Bill Campbell. And that checks out. So it would appear that William was already using Campbell as an alias all the way back in the 50' the DJ could not have made it up in 1969. He just followed the wrong clue.

  2. Good catch. I will do some additional research on that. I may see if I can connect with the author to ask for clarification. Thanks for commenting. Mike


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