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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sage of Quay Radio - Bill Ward - The Military, Politics and Other Thoughts

Tonight my very special guest and friend is Bill Ward.

This show is part of series of discussions where I will be interviewing friends of mine who are critical thinkers who represent the true silent majority of folks working behind the scenes to move the ball forward on behalf of all humanity.

Bill is retired military. When in the military he was a code breaker with a background in advanced mathematics, physics and engineering. His post military life includes working with the Veterans Administration in support of our vets, studying alternative medicine, researching Tesla and Rife technologies and alternate realities.

Tonight’s discussion is wide ranging as Bill offers his insights on the level of awareness within the military regarding their being used to propagate a world order versus freedom and democracy. We also discuss the difficulties of awakening the masses and wrap up with our thoughts on the plight of the political process.

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