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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Manmade Hurricane Matthew Origin

Published on Oct 4, 2016
Just Google “flooding.” Right now, there are raging floods in Australia, Ireland, China, and North Korea – just to name a few. Last week there were two trillion-gallon flood events in the middle of the country (without any natural water source), two days in a row. Taiwan is about to be hit by the fourth typhoon, in the last two weeks. All of this is completely inexplicable, and all of it continues to be ignored.

While the media this morning (as usual) dwells on the latest ridiculous PTSD statement from Trump (which should be about the 1,000th statement disqualifying him to begin with), the continuing broad daylight deliberate deluging of the species continues unnoticed. The frog is so sufficiently boiled at the moment, that these events haven’t even made the “News recap” segments.

Now here come Matthew, another plainly visible manmade storm system soon to be targeting Florida and the East coast after Haiti (likely costing millions in damages and loss), and all the Governor of Florida can do to act like he’s serving the people – is declare a State of Emergency, days in advance.

As everyone around here knows, I don’t buy into the “It’s the Government!!” misdirection meme that keeps people and governments at odds and diverts attention from the actual source. I don’t buy it, because it makes no logical sense, and there is no logical evidence trail. I won’t go into all of the specifics (and I doubt I’ll debate it for the hundredth time – see past comments), but the simple fact is that almost all countries are under the identical attack, this proves on a daily basis that borders aren’t barriers of any kind, and one would have to believe that each country is allowing this to be done to its _own_ country and citizens, while being secretly in league with _all other_ governments on the planet.

What I _can_ blame government for however (not just mine, but evidently all of them), is being completely oblivious and evidently powerless to see, identify, and prevent this continuous attack methodology that has been under development and implementation at the industrial level – for all of our entire lifetimes.

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