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Monday, October 31, 2016

Jack Heart - LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog II

LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog II

The Human Race has no worse Enemy than Institutional Academia, whose only real job is to Dissemble its Past

By Jack Heart, Orage & Friends

Read Part 1 here.

[Source] It’s ironic, science finally knows enough about science to disprove itself. But as the Norsemen well knew, that is the fate of all things, just like their gods who in the end must annihilate themselves…

From 1931 – 1956 the legendary French anthropologist Marcel Griaule, along with Germaine Dieterlen – a brilliant and highly accomplished anthropologist in her own right – studied a West African tribe called the Dogon. After eighteen years of studies, they made their first breakthrough into the Dogon’s secrets in 1950 and published Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius.*

What was in that document should have changed this world, but it was quickly countered by those in academia who are paid to keep this world just the way it is.

What Griaule and Dieterlen found in their quarter century of research, shockingly enough, as the holographic universe had not yet been proposed, was the source of its projection. They found the ‘Black Sun’ in the shadow of Timbuktu, the ancient seat of the anglophile’s most abyssal nightmare, there dwell the Dogon, pun intended. What the Dog people believe explains how the Holographic Universe works and gives a dissertation of the rock carving in Australia’s Blue Mountains; almost seven thousand miles from the eastern coastline of Africa…

Nobody noticed then and they haven’t yet. They are still trying to explain how a tribe of primitive Black farmers from Africa knew more about astronomy than the twentieth century’s best White scientists. All they can come up with to date is two of the greatest anthropologists the world has ever produced lied and falsified all their data.

The “proof” they cite for this kind of unprecedented scholastic slander is the “research” of Dutch Mormon and neophyte anthropologist; Walter E. A. van Beek. Van Beek converted to Mormonism in college when he started studying anthropology… 55

Van Beek’s research consisted of dropping in on the Dogon almost a half century after Griaule and Dieterlen, who studied them when they still had their independence through France. By the time van Beek got there, the Dogon lived in an Islamic State, at the same latitude in an Africa that in a little over a decade after he published would give the world Darfur.

In Darfur in 2003, Arab Sudanese Muslims displaced and murdered close to a half million Black Sudanese ‘infidels.’


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