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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary Caught Using Child Actor at Staged Town Hall

[Source] Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall style question and answer exchange, this time with a child actor who was planted to ask Hillary a question about ‘body image’ and the way Donald Trump talks about women, which was repeated ad nauseum on mainstream media broadcasts.

The town hall event took place in Haverford, Pennsylvania Wednesday, with Clinton taking questions from people ‘chosen at random’.

When a 15-year-old girl popped up to ask Clinton about Trump’s past comments on women, it all seemed a little too scripted.

Sure enough, when YouTuber  Spanglevision did some further investigating, it was revealed that this “random” girl in the crowd is a child actor named Brennan Leach.

What’s more, the girl’s father, just coincidentally is Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, a staunch supporter of Hillary’s campaign.



  1. It's ACTUALLY should be the luciferian JESUIT MONTH, not the Jewish race month! Rev 3:9 speaks about there ARE FAKE JEWS masquerading as real Jews whose dwelling is in the Synagogue of satan! So, u have the blame misplaced

    I don't understand how some of u "truthers" UNDERSTAND Free Masonry, the illuminati and ALL their other different orgs/groups they HIDE under BUT u guys CAN'T GRASP that this is about satan/lucifer's way for a one world order under him! I mean how can u go that far into research but yet stop when it comes to TRULY understanding that it's NOT THE JEWS WHO ARE AT THE ROOT OF THIS DEMONIC SYSTEM! Just as innocent Americans were bamboozled by the FMs in 1913, under Wilson's approval to allow the Fed reserve to destroy our country, the SAME THING HAPPENED to MANY of the Jewish people in ISRAEL! Just as our gov officials were pd off and were infiltrated by the FM/illuminati SO was ISRAEL! I know the FM has to laugh at the "hate israel truthers" because sadly u ALL bought their sneaky plan of making the world think that certain faiths/races are to blame for ALL the world's problems especially singling out Judaism! Read Albert Pike's plan for the 3WWs and it specifically states starting RACE wars n the mid East and in America. Though, Israel AND America have been COMPLICIT in the NWO they are NOT THE SOLE ROOT CAUSES, they are where the CANCER has spread to in ARABIC COUNTRIES AS WELL. The FM KNEW if they could get stupid people to ONLY LOOK at the CANCER MASSES, they knew that the same stupid people would NOT LOOK AT WHERE THE CANCER ORIGINATED therefore the cancerous stays in tact! If a surgeon doesn't remove where the cancer began, then the WHOLE BODY/WORLD will slowly but surely be AFFECTED!The CANCER root is the luciferian JESUITS who created FM, illuminati and all of it's other groups! They are plain out satanists!

    Having said that, I actually wanted to write to u to tell u what a GREAT VIDEO abt Paul MCCARTNEY u did w/ Sophia but then I saw the Jewish thing and I had to comment. Anyway, your info u provided was so fascinating that the 2.5 hr long went by fast because it was sooo good!!!! And now that I heard how u talked abt how Bill Shears was possessed by the real Paul etc... and how u said that the Beatles, especially Billy Shears, claimed to be satanists and basically used Paul's death as a form of cult worship, "Paulism"...AND also how you said that these rock grps were used in the Tavistock" program, I PRAY that all of this opens your eyes about how the ROOT/ORIGIN of ALL FM, illuminati, etc is an evil source known as luciferianism and that its NOT Judaism or a Jewish state!!!!Please Revelation 3:9!
    I could tell that you were being awakened even more to the evil beast system of the NWO, as u spoke abt how they used the Beatles to deceive and brainwash the masses. I must say I know how u feel abt almost mourning the loss of what u thought the Beatles were, I really felt your sense of loss..AS I discover more deceptions in r country, it truly is like a death and it's sooo sad!

    Anyway, God bless and I did enjoy your Paul, I mean Bill, video!

  2. Thanks for the kind words on the PID show. Here is a link that captures my view of who controls the world. The Talmudic Jews are tucked in under the Jesuits.


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