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Monday, October 3, 2016

Big Bang Evolution is a Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design

Published on Oct 2, 2016
In the following presentation taken from my book, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy," I present the case for intelligent design and expose the many scientific frauds and Masonic connections of Darwinism and its main proponents throughout history. You will see how Neanderthal Man, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Peking Man, Orce Man, Turkana Boy, Lucy and all other supposed ape-man transitional species were fakes and fabrications made by Masonic minions looking to advance their atheistic philosophy, cosmology, and cosmogeny. As an addendum to this, if you haven't already seen my video "Dinosaurs Never Existed" please watch this as well to fully understand the depth of this deception:

For more information on all subjects covered, please visit:

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  1. MICRO evolution is well documented, of course, e.g. the famous beak of the finch example, but countless others. Speciation (MACRO evolution) is another story, as is "randomness" which even the mainstream is abandoning. However, evolutionary theory, however deficient, is far preferable to the bearded freak in the sky (including the belief in Jesus (and other savior gods), which your earlier link wonderfully addressed) which is where intelligent design tends to gravitate. I'd take evolution any day over these beliefs. So what if matter is not dead at all? what is everything is alive (pantheism, panentheism)? Or, perhaps even better, the Universe is a hologram and the phenomenal world is merely a projection off the Cosmic Mind? Richard C. Henry, physicist/astronomer at Johns Hopkins says the world is mental, get over it. Matter is just an aspect of mind. Just ask quantum physics, where even atoms dissolve into energy and "information."Then the Cosmic Mind evolves, but the evolution is not necessarily "intelligent", though the Cosmic Mind itself is. Does it contain algorithms? Some other principle? The Cosmic Mind might even create chaotic life forms, which would account for irrationality and evil. I'll stop here, but what I saw of Dubay, while coherent, seems to miss the mark a bit. The Cosmic Mind paradigm is also highly consistent with the old Mystery Schools, including the Kaballah (Ain-Sof), people like the Christian Jacob Boehme, and the philosophers Leibniz and Hegel. Many others, too, starting with Plato.


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