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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NASA changed all the astrological signs and I’m a crab now

All occult numbers involved... now "13" signs and the months/dates affected? November 29... November= 11 2+9=11 and December 17... December = 1+2=3 + 1+7=8... 3+8=11. 13 bloodlines and of course they love to roll 11's ~Sage

[Source] According to a post on NASASpacePlace, everything we thought we knew about the influence the heavens have over our Earthly lives has been thrown into chaos. NASA has announced that the celestial sphere above us contains not twelve canonical zodiacal constellations, but 13. The heretofore overlooked constellation, Ophiuchus, is purported to guide and command events surrounding humans born between November 29 and December 17—so, if you used to be a Sagittarius, then congratulations: you’ve got a new sign, baby!

The addition of Ophiuchus—the snake bearer, in case you were wondering—has obvious and far-reaching implications for the entire western Babylonian-derived zodiac calendar. For one thing, squeezing it in means changing the effective dates of all the other signs. According to Yahoo News, the new 13-sign calendar plays out like this:


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