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Monday, September 24, 2018

Jack Heart - The Mud Flood, the Alcheringa & Ragnarök

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Jack Heart
[Source] “In a Fourier transform two graphs are created; one showing the frequency domain and the other the time domain. The differential is then mapped between the two domains and through various permutations of the equations a spread sheet is achieved of all the individual frequencies that constitute a function of time, what is defined as a signal…” (1)

Problems in the Time domain are adjusted in the Frequency domain and unfortunately for much of the present company this is the Frequency domain. Those are not cell phone towers you see seemingly now growing in every vacant lot. That’s how they do the adjusting. As Miguel Serrano said “everything lost here is won there...” (2)

Philipp Druzhinin is a Russian, which is a fortunate turn of events for those who are not interested in the narrative that keeps them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Frankly I don’t care that America has a circus clown for a president, that Israel takes land from the Muslims and treats them badly or even that Johnny has traded in his overalls for a pretty new dress.

America deserves everything it is getting, and the Jews will find they have been digging their own grave when 1.2 billion Muslims finally wake up and realize they have been praying to a god that does not exist. Johnny? He was always half a fag anyway. See Frank Zappa’s Bobby Brown Goes Down. The rest of the dog shit that goes down on the internet as news is not even entertaining; my god it’s gotten worse than even television if that’s possible. Roll over Buckminster Fuller the internet is one long jam session for imbeciles...

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Transhumanism - ‘We will get regular body upgrades’: what will humans look like in 100 years?

[Source] Predicting the future is a fool’s game at the best of times. Right now it’s madness – so much is up in the air technologically, politically, economically, ecologically and spiritually, it seems as likely we’ll be shivering in caves as enjoying our new bionic exoskeletons by 2118. For all the talk of humans living longer, life expectancy has flatlined in recent years. The near future doesn’t look younger and fitter so much as older and fatter, as the median age in the developed world powers past 40 towards the middle of the century.

But of all the developments emerging now, it’s technology focused on the human body that would appear to introduce the most chaos into the system. California biotech startups talk of making death “optional”. Facebook is working on telepathic interfaces. Bionic limbs will soon outperform human limbs. Crispr-Cas9 gene-editing technology theoretically allows us to fiddle around with genomes. We could look, think and feel in radically different ways.

Are we ready to treat our bodies as pieces of hardware? We might be getting there. Take something as innocuous as tattoos, which have boomed in popularity roughly in step with the information age. Seen in one light, they’re a faintly retro fashion trend. In another, they show an increased willingness to alter our physical selves. You might think of them as the surgeon’s marks before the real enhancements arrive. I asked six scientists and thinkers to share their vision for the body in the next century.

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Anyone believing this cartoon bullshit needs to wake the f*^k up...

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