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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Light on Conspiracies - Interview with Judyth Vary Baker

Police Officers Can't Be Free Thinkers

Rob Skiba Talks To "The Real Captain. Kirk" About "Global Warming"

Ultimate Guitar Tuner Shootout: Boss TU-2 vs Behringer TU300 vs Peterson VS-S vs TC Electronics Polytune

Does anyone else think this is a bad time for a Solar Eclipse?

Forcing a Total 5G Future... Without Safety Checks

The Devil's Trap

Reforestation - Reaping What We Sow with Jenny Smith

JP Sears - The Solar Eclipse - Ultra Spiritual Life

The Black Rahu Solar Eclipse

Santos Bonacci explains the way this Solar Eclipse occurs as well as the legend of Rahu, the Black Sun God diety, as told in many ancient traditions and lore.