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Monday, July 16, 2018

Sage of Quay - Jason Boss of - Google, Censorship & The Pursuit of Truth

Tonight my very special guest is Jason Boss.

Jason is the owner of which is a censorship free platform for truth and alternative research content providers.

The conversation with Jason was wide ranging as he discusses his tenure with Google, his starting 153News and how truthers need to be careful when researching and investigating certain events.

Jason's Platform:

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[Source] Long-time listeners/readers/viewers of mine will be very familiar with the old “conspiracy theorist” smear and how it is used to stop any would-be truth seekers from questioning the official explanation of contentious events. They will also know how the term can be turned on its head and thrust back in the accusers’ face (“shut up, burglary theorist!”).

But there’s another effective tool to add to your conspiracy conversation toolbox: actual, historical examples of conspiracy “theories” that turned out to be conspiracy facts.

So here are some examples of things that were once derided as zany conspiracy paranoia and are now accepted as mundane historical fact...

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